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3 tips for clothing store security

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3 tips for clothing store security

Clothing stores are places that thieves like to patronize, so it is not uncommon for clothing stores to be stolen. Therefore, every staff member in a clothing store should take responsibility for clothing anti-theft. Everyone is an experienced clothing clerk, trying to detect suspicious people who are different from ordinary people by observing and observing them, and judging the motives of these people's theft, so as to prevent them from happening effectively, can effectively prevent theft.


1.The main performance of thief stealing is as follows:

a、Thief walking in the store has no goal, afraid of the clerk approaching or asking.

b、Deliberately knocking down the goods and taking the opportunity to steal when picking up.

c、Look around and look uneasy, and like to be active in the corner of the clothing store.

d、Go to the clothing store to chat with the clerk, so that the clerk reduces vigilance, waiting for an opportunity to steal.

e、Fixed patronage to prevent the weak shop from taking the opportunity to steal.

f、people have shopped and pretend to be customers who don't know each other. These people often spread around the mall after entering the store. Among them, l~2 people entangled the staff to ask for the West, attracting the attention of the staff, others took the opportunity. theft.

g、Stay in the store for a long time, the costume is fat or unnaturally holding a big bag, so you can steal something.

2. Determination of theft

Thieves are generally more cautious, and theft can not be easily determined, because stealing is a behavior that harms society, and its standards can only be judged by the relevant state departments, so clothing stores are not entitled to set standards for theft of customers. Because when its standards for anti-theft of clothing are in conflict with national laws, such behavior can cause confusion in the legal process of society. Customers who are exposed in the clothing store must be able to achieve success.

3. The handling of theft

Nowadays, many clothing stores have slogans on the walls of "stolen one penalty". In fact, this does not have legal effect. According to the Administrative Punishment Law, only the strong state departments can impose penalties. Any clothing store has no penalty. Even if the "customer" is wrong, the clothing store must not treat the thief illegally and punish it without authorization. Generally, clothing stores can implement the following processing methods. Be sure to give customers the opportunity to "purchase" before they are identified as stealing. The specific method is to say "Do you like this dress, do you want to buy it" for the customers who hide the goods? "Are you selected? Let me pack it for you" and so on. If you are near the checkout counter, you can say "Are you sure you want to buy this dress? Please pay for it", etc., once again remind the customer to "purchase". Further reminder if there is no fruit. If after repeated reminders, the customer still has no intention to buy, you can use calm voice to say "I'm sorry, please give me some time, ask some things for you", please go to the office and make appropriate treatment.

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