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4 points when choosing a eas security system [Bohang]

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4 points when choosing a eas security system [Bohang]


Nowadays, many clothing stores are becoming more and more aware of the anti-theft of goods. Next, Bohang Electronics mainly introduces the four items that the clothing store chooses when selecting the anti-theft door alarm. For those who are about to prepare to install the anti-theft door alarm. The clothing store is very helpful.


eas security system

1.The performance of the eas security system


 The performance of the eas security system mainly includes false alarm rate, detection rate, and anti-environmental interference ability. For the clothing store owner, the most concerned is the false positive rate. If there is a false alarm in the eas security system, the staff will deal with it improperly, which will cause consumer dissatisfaction because of the dispute. The second is the detection rate. If the detection rate is not high, it will cause leakage, which greatly affects the anti-theft effect of the clothing store.


2.Clothing store requirements


The size, design layout, type of goods to be protected, brand positioning, etc. of each clothing store will have great requirements on the appearance of the eas security system, which will affect the choice of the eas security system.




   Because the eas security system is a professional high-tech product, in the quality and technology identification, the general clothing store has few materials for reference selection, so in the selection criteria, in addition to peer referrals, manufacturers recommend, most clothing The store does not deny that price is a very important factor, so products with good performance and affordable price are the best.


4.After sales service


 For the clothing store owner, it is hoped that when the eas security system device is not working properly, it will be repaired in time to solve the problem as soon as possible.


eas security system

The above is the four points when selecting the eas security system, for reference only, I hope to help everyone. If you still don't understand, you can come to Nanjing Bohang to get a detailed understanding.

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