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A brief Introduction about EAS Anti-theft System

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A brief Introduction about EAS Anti-theft System

    Electronic Article Surveillance, EAS is a form of shorthand. EAS is a widely used commodity safety measure in large-scale retail industry at present. Many people know EAS system, but they do not know details of EAS anti-theft system. Today, we will make a brief introduction about EAS anti-theft system.


         EAS anti-theft system is mainly composed of three parts: eas sensor, deactivator, electronic Label and eas tag. Some anti-theft systems do not need deactivator. Its categories are mainly divided into AM and RF EAS system. Electronic tags are divided into soft labels and hard tags, soft labels are low cost and can be directly attached to commodities, Soft labels cannot be reused. Hard tags cost more than soft labels, but they can be reused. Hard tags should be equipped with special nail pickers, mostly for soft, penetrating clothing items. You need to choose the suitable labels according to the goods in your store. The detection antenna is placed at the door, and soft labels or hard tags are attached to the goods, When someone walks out of the store without decoding or unlocking the cash register, the detection antenna will automatically send out an alarm to notify the clerk that the store goods have been stolen, EAS system will not make customers feel uncomfortable and cannot be installed in the fitting room as monitoring system, but EAS system also plays a deterrent role, so that thieves do not dare to enter.

         Any store wants to establish a good relationship with customers. If you want to use this highly stable EAS anti-theft system to protect your benefits, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with high quality products and best service.

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