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A simple understanding of commodity electronic anti-theft system

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Electronic anti-theft system is mainly used in commodity stores, the product has four major functions, the following Bo Hang small series to everyone in detail about it!


1. Some investors think that the investment in electronic anti-theft systems cannot be recovered in the short term?

Unless your investment is a short-term behavior, otherwise, keeping goods, preventing theft, reducing costs, and keeping profits are essentially helping investors recover all aspects of their investment as soon as possible. The funds invested in the anti-theft system can be large or small, but it cannot be considered as optional.


2. Some investors think that the electronic anti-theft system cannot replace the role of security personnel?

This view is too one-sided. In a sense, the electronic anti-theft system for goods is an unselfish “electronic police”. In addition to the electronic anti-theft system for goods placed in the customer's passage, operators will install a complete set of anti-theft systems in the staff channel and the entrance and exit channels, and adopt reasonable “human-machine integration” preventive measures in management methods. In this way, you can plug the stolen gap and effectively control theft and burglary. Due to the guarding of the “electronic police”, it also greatly deterred some of Liang Liang’s gentlemen and the one who missed the idea.


3. Why do 90% of foreign investors use EAS systems in supermarkets opened in China?

Nowadays, more and more supermarkets are established by foreign capital in various forms in China. They bring advanced commercial management and management experience and new technologies to China. In many ways, they have become models for domestic retail counterparts to learn. At the same time, we should also note that more than 90% of foreign supermarkets are equipped with electronic anti-theft systems, and they pay great attention to loss prevention. Commodity electronic anti-theft systems are the most effective and direct method for retailers and customers. Although products are protected by electronic tags, they are still inconvenient for customers. Using the anti-theft system, retailers can reduce the use of television monitoring systems and security personnel. If you can combine the anti-theft system with the television monitoring system and security personnel, it will be the most effective way to prevent theft today.


4, product label integration - future anti-theft trend

For the loss of the world’s billions of dollars in thefts each year, retailers urgently need a new anti-theft technology to reduce losses. Commodity label integration - a technology that integrates security tags into the merchandise or merchandise packaging during the production process solves this problem. Because of the integration of product labels, merchants can present goods to customers in the form of open shelves. Therefore, the sales of goods have increased by 25%, the loss rate has dropped by 50%, and with the development of international economic integration, more and more Many domestic and international retailers are considering or already using tagged products. On the one hand, it can reduce the manpower cost of the business loss prevention department. On the other hand, because the concealment of the label is extremely strong, both the customer and the clerk can not distinguish whether the product has a label on it, and can more effectively prevent theft.

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