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AM EAS system installation process and precautions [Bohang China]

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AM EAS system installation process and precautions [Bohang China]


Some stores will install the equipment themselves when installing the AM EAS system, but the installation experience is not very rich, and some are not very familiar with the process. Today, we will introduce the installation process to the merchants who need to install the supermarket AM EAS system themselves. Precautions.


 Bohang AM EAS system


1. Select the location of the AC power supply socket to ensure that the distance from the host to the antenna does not exceed 10 meters. The host should be installed in multiple locations. Ensure that the power supply is consistent (the same fire line, the zero line and the live line are the same, ie the left zero line and the right line) To ensure a safe grounding, the degausser should also be consistent with the power supply of the antenna.


2. If it is a pre-embedded line, it should be ensured that each antenna can wear a separate line.


3. Don't rush to install the antenna on the ground. First test the antenna with power. After the test is passed, install it again. If the test fails. Please find out why.


 Bohang AM EAS system

4. Please be sure to wire according to the requirements specified in the wiring diagram. Do not connect incorrectly and the wiring should be firm.


5. After the antenna is energized, first use the hard tag to debug the receiving sensitivity, and ensure that the hard tag can be alarmed by 1.4 meters from the antenna in the X-axis direction.


6. Turn on the software debugging tool and adjust the antenna to the best with the software. (anti-interference and sensitivity)


7. Try to remove the extra lines.


8. If the Phaseshift of the antenna changes, the degausser must also change its phase and match the antenna.

Bohang AM EAS system

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