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AM eas hard tag and soft label [Bohang]

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AM eas hard tag and soft label [Bohang]

AM eas tag can be divided into two categories: anti-theft eas hard tags and soft tags. The anti-theft hard tag is retracted after being removed by a special unlocker and can be reused. The high-quality 48Kg anti-theft buckle can generally be used for more than 8 years. The anti-theft soft label is mainly divided into radio frequency and AM eas anti-theft soft labels, which are all disposable consumables and can not be reused. In addition to the special anti-theft materials of the library, it can be repeatedly demagnetized and degaussed.


 Bohang AM eas hard tag


1. AM eas soft label: small size, easy to hide, built-in one substrate and three pieces (or two pieces) of metal pieces, glued on the goods with strong glue, often used for the maintenance of valuable products such as cosmetics, toiletries, clothing, etc.Easy to post, but hidden in the product can not be re-used, the price is relatively cheap. Use a professional decoder to degauss.


Bohang AM eas hard tag 

2. AM eas hard tag: the volume is small and large, according to the order quantity Nanjing Bohang can be customized, high quality generally use ABS engineering plastic shell, pure copper coil, special material magnetic rod, there are two kinds of acoustic and radio, mainly It is used for the maintenance of needle-spun, garment, luggage, shoes and hats, etc. The use of anti-theft wire ropes in supermarkets can be used for high-priced items such as oil pots and pots. It is difficult to damage, can be reused, has a long service life, and is professionally unlocked. The device can be unlocked.


AM eas tag are widely used labels, can be applied to most of the anti-theft industry, understand the knowledge and use of anti-theft tags, can better prevent damage, reduce theft and increase the profit cost of enterprises.

Bohang AM eas hard tag

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