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Advantages and Disadvantages of am eas anti theft system [Bohang China]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of am eas anti theft system [Bohang China]


Am eas anti theft system is often used in high-end equipment in supermarket anti-theft devices. Am eas anti theft system can be used in supermarkets. It is designed according to the environment needs of supermarkets. The environment of supermarkets is complex, circuits and electrical appliances are more, and interference is received. There are many situations, so the sound magnetic equipment is very suitable for the supermarket anti-theft environment. What are the advantages of the sound magnetic anti-theft device and what are the disadvantages? Let's talk about it.

Bohang am eas anti theft system

 Bohang am eas anti theft system



1. The anti-theft performance is good and the detection distance is wide. Compared with the am eas anti theft system and radio frequency anti-theft system, the acoustic magnetic system not only has better anti-theft performance, but also looks more beautiful in the installation distance.


2. Strong anti-interference ability and reduce false positive rate. Imagine that after the customer purchases the goods, after passing through the supermarket or clothing store, the supermarket anti-theft device has a false positive report, then it will bring bad psychological reaction to the customer, which not only affects the supermarket business, but also easily causes misunderstanding, resulting in unnecessary trouble.


3. The appearance of the design is beautiful and generous, improve the grade. The quality of the anti-theft device installed at the door also has an impact on the grade of the store. The high-grade sound and magnetic anti-theft device is beautiful and workmanship. While the anti-theft is also carried out, the grade of the store is also improved. The high-end anti-theft device is generally used for high-end goods. Anti-theft.


 Bohang am eas anti theft system




The am eas anti theft system is more expensive, and the general small storefront and small supermarkets are more expensive to use. Generally, large-scale supermarket chains tend to use sound and am eas anti theft system. The long-term use is cost-effective, and the anti-theft products are more comprehensive and safe.

Bohang am eas anti theft system

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