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Advantages of AM anti-theft EAS system [Bohang China]

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Advantages of AM anti-theft EAS system [Bohang China]



1. The function is perfect and easy to use


Highly integrated sound is a smart item that can be installed on the AM anti-theft EAS system. It can play powerful remote monitoring alarm and real-time viewing function. Because of its powerful function, it can be used alone and the price is cheaper. It can record the daily opening and closing of the door, and also can include a large area in front of the door in the monitoring area, and can also issue an alarm, synchronously send the information to the user's mobile phone, and handle the emergency in time.


Bohang AM anti-theft EAS system

2. The system reliability is good


The AM anti-theft EAS system needs to be transmitted by intelligent network special protocol, full digit line communication, with the simplest and flexible system architecture, which is convenient for design, construction, use and management. The AM anti-theft EAS system has perfect design and years of experience accumulation. It has always used cutting-edge technology for innovative research and development, and can be reliably applied to the supervision environment, and is in the leading position in the industry in multi-mode transmission, anti-destructive design, system interoperability, and network monitoring.


 Bohang AM anti-theft EAS system

3. The system cost is low, operating costs are low


The small area can adopt the bus mode wiring, which can greatly reduce the cost of the AM anti-theft EAS system, and the daily use cost of the AM anti-theft EAS system is lower than that of the telephone line report. With the people's living standards getting higher and higher, and people's demands for life intelligence, China's sound magnetic anti-theft industry has also developed more rapidly, and slowly pushed into the public life. In the contact and use of such products by consumers, because the industry is constantly developing, so in the purchase of stable performance of the AM anti-theft EAS system must be based on the technical level, choose a safe and suitable product to promote development of theft prevention.

Bohang AM anti-theft EAS system

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