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Advantages of AM anti-theft antenna in the supermarket anti-theft system

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Advantages of AM anti-theft antenna in the supermarket anti-theft system


       The AM anti-theft system is commonly used in supermarket anti-theft system. Compared with the radio frequency anti-theft device used in the past, the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device has many advantages, and many performance functions are strengthened on the basis of the radio frequency anti-theft device. Of course, the price will be higher than the RF, but the price is relatively high. At present, the widespread use of sound and magnetic anti-theft systems in supermarkets is still designed according to customer needs, but there are still many supermarket vendors who want to try to use sound magnetic equipment, but the understanding of acoustic magnetic anti-theft devices is not comprehensive enough, and we will introduce them to you in a few days. What are the advantages of the supermarket sound magnetic anti-theft system.



1. The anti-theft performance is stable and the detection distance is widened. Compared with the acoustic magnetic and RF anti-theft system, the acoustic magnetic anti-theft antenna has high sensitivity, detection rate of up to 98%, almost zero false alarm, special anti-power interference design, pulsed electric wave and alternating magnetic field excitation, etc., so that the overall performance is very good. stable. The acoustic magnetic system not only has better anti-theft performance, but also looks more beautiful in the installation distance.

2. Strong anti-interference ability and reduce false positive rate. In the supermarket, there are often many electrical appliances and scriptures. The radio frequency system is usually subject to such interference, and the electromagnetic waves will be unstable, resulting in false positives. Imagine that if a customer accidentally reports a supermarket anti-theft after purchasing a product, it will bring a bad psychological reaction to the customer and affect the shopping experience of the supermarket. However, the low-interference sound-magnetic anti-theft device can reduce the embarrassing situation caused by the false alarm of the anti-theft device of the store, avoiding the bad shopping experience of the customer during the shopping process, and increasing the trust and goodwill of the customer to the store.

3, the appearance of the design is beautiful and generous, improve the grade. The acoustic magnetic anti-theft device has greatly improved in appearance, no longer uses aluminum alloy and iron materials, and is changed into ABS high-strength plastic and stainless steel materials, and Nanjing Bohang Electronics has a higher acrylic transparent electric plate, appearance Very beautiful! ! It is very classy in high-end supermarkets and clothing. The high-grade acrylic sound and magnetic anti-theft device is beautiful and workmanship. While carrying out anti-theft, it also improves the grade of the store. High-end anti-theft devices generally perform anti-theft on high-end goods.

Whether it is the previous RF anti-theft device or the current acoustic and ground anti-theft devices, there will be their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is a process of continuous improvement. When the merchant chooses the anti-theft device, it is also necessary to remind everyone to find a reliable manufacturer to buy, some merchants will increase the price casually, so pay attention to understand the manufacturer's products.

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