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Advantages of the AM eas system[Bohang]

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Advantages of the AM eas system[Bohang]


There are two main types of anti-theft systems currently on the market: acoustic magnetic anti-theft systems and radio frequency anti-theft systems. The acoustic magnetic anti-theft system is a new type of resonance phenomenon generated by the principle of the tuning fork. Let's talk about the advantages of the sound magnetic anti-theft system.


 Bohang AM eas system


1. The AM eas system has almost zero false positives. When the frequency of the transmitted signal is consistent with the vibration of the acousto-magnetic label, the acoustic magnetic label is similar to the tuning fork, causing resonance and generating a resonance signal; when the receiver detects 4-8 consecutive times (the number of times can be After adjusting the resonance signal, the receiving system will issue an alarm.


2. The detection area is formed around the acoustic and magnetic anti-theft system, and the transmitter emits 58KHz low-frequency magnetic waves intermittently in 1/75 second. When a label consisting of two special amorphous metal sheets enters the detection area, interference or other forms of induction are formed due to the electromagnetic field. That is, the resonance signal, which will be received by the matching receiver, causing the system to alarm.


3. The acoustic magnetic anti-theft system has an ultra-wide detection distance. The effective distance of the standard acoustic magnetic system for detecting soft labels is 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters. The effective distance of the enhanced acoustic magnetic system for detecting soft labels is as high as 2.0 meters.


 Bohang AM eas system


4. The AM eas system adopts a special anti-power interference design, so the anti-theft performance is relatively stable, the detection rate is as high as 98%, and the sensitivity is high.


5. The AM eas system has strong anti-interference ability, stable electromagnetic wave, no false report and false alarm, which reduces the embarrassing situation caused by the false alarm of the anti-theft device and avoids the bad shopping experience of the customer. Increase customer trust and goodwill towards the store.


6. The AM eas system has a generous appearance and upgrades.

Bohang AM eas system

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