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An important indicator to measure the performance of EAS anti-theft devices [Bohang China]

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An important indicator to measure the performance of EAS anti-theft devices [Bohang China]

EAS anti-theft devices technology can be divided into three most common types: acoustic magnetic technology, radio frequency technology and electromagnetic wave technology. However, not every physical technology is perfect, they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today Bohang China said some important indicators to measure the performance of EAS anti-theft devices.


 Bohang EAS anti-theft devices

Label detection and false positive rates are the two most important metrics for measuring technology and device performance. Detection rate is the ability of an EAS anti-theft device to detect certain size labels within the design and installation width. The field distribution of the detection antenna is not uniform, and the detection rate of the normal system should be greater than 85%. The concept of false positive rate has always been ambiguous. Generally, the explanation that is more suitable for shopping malls is the number of false positives caused by environmental or non-theft-proof tag objects per unit time in the case of normal use of the detection antenna.


 Bohang EAS anti-theft devices


In everyday life, objects with physical properties similar to those of electronic security tags are often found. When an object passes through the detection antenna, a false alarm is inevitably generated. In the concept of false positive rate, large shopping centers are often the most vulnerable to misleading by equipment suppliers. The false positives of any technical EAS anti-theft device cannot be zero. Therefore, each anti-theft system has its advantages and disadvantages. Let us talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the anti-theft system. Among the three anti-theft systems, the additive manufacturing system has the most stable performance and minimal impact on the external environment.

Bohang EAS anti-theft devices

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