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Anti-theft Device in Library [Bohang China]

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Open-shelf management of libraries embodies a great progress of Libraries in adapting to the development of the times in terms of facilitating readers' free choice, improving the utilization rate of books and improving the efficiency of Library work. But at the same time, the drawbacks of open-shelf service, such as book loss and page tearing, are also prominent problems in management. How to take full account of the characteristics of open-shelf service in Library layout, give full play to its advantages, and take various auxiliary measures to reduce the inconvenience caused by open-shelf service is a topic worth discussing for every librarian. As a direct and effective anti-theft measure, the electromagnetic wave Book anti-theft system has been unanimously recognized by libraries in practice.


Working steps of book anti-theft system:

1. Paste the special anti-theft consumables - magnetic strips in the book cracks.

2. Install a Book anti-theft antenna at the library's borrowing channel or the general entrance and exit.

3. Books that normally go through borrowing formalities are either invalidated by special  equipment or delivered from the side of anti-theft antenna to complete borrowing.

4. When books (books with magnetic strips) that have not been formally processed are exported, the anti-theft antenna of books detects the books that have not been degaussed and sends out sound and light alarms, and the borrowers fill in the formalities for borrowing.

If you need library anti-theft system, please feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with good service and high quality products.


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