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Anti-theft devices and labels commonly used in clothing stores[Bohang China]

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The anti-theft devices of clothing stores are usually installed in the entrance and exit of the entrance and exit of clothing stores, chain stores and other stores. The only purpose of installing anti-theft devices in clothing stores is to prevent the loss of stores. Then how does the anti-theft device of clothing store cooperate with the anti-theft label to achieve the anti-theft effect? 


Clothing store goods are mostly clothes, pants, shoes, so clothing stores can generally use anti-theft hard labels, anti-theft hard labels using hard plastic materials, the label contains induction coils, these coils have a frequency, can be with the clothing store anti-theft device emitted signals for induction, and then the clothing store anti-theft device sensor to this signal, you can alarm. Then the clothing store staff can immediately find out the relevant situation and make judgments about whether clothes have been stolen, so as to reduce the loss of the clothing store immediately.

Clothing store anti-theft device usually uses anti-theft hard label, which is the most commonly used anti-theft label. There are two systems for the matching garment burglar guard, one is the acoustic and magnetic system, the other is the radio frequency system. Radio frequency system, the price is more affordable, anti-jamming ability is poor, acoustic and magnetic system, the price is more expensive, but the performance is excellent

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