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Anti-theft for the supermarket of channel cashier

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Anti-theft for the supermarket of channel cashier

Anti-theft feature for channel type :

 The cash register channel EAS anti-theft system is installed at the isolation barrier of the cash register channel.One device protects 2 independent channels,effective protection spacing is 0.6-0.8 meters on one side,fully meet the supermarket's product damage prevention requirements,at the same time, the layout is more beautiful,the customer has completed the loss detection test unconsciously during the settlement process.,does not affect the customer's free shopping experience,greatly take care of the customer's psychological feelings,customer's self-compliance is fully protected.Allow customers to maximize the recognition of the supermarket.



Supermarket anti-theft system design principles:

     1)Ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods yards

     2)Convenient for security personnel to deal with the police3)Ensure that products are effectively protected



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