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Anti-theft methods in clothing stores

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Many apparel shopkeepers are worried about the problem of anti-theft when they run apparel stores. The general owners of small and medium-sized clothing stores will conduct monitoring and personnel investigation after being stolen. Clothing stores have been found to have been stolen for a long time, and shopkeepers are unable to find the reasons or thieves. For a long time, it becomes a big problem. Generally, stores with large passenger flow will have this type problems, so that we will tell you how to solve the big problem of anti-theft.

First of all, we should find out the reasons why clothing stores lose clothes. Is it for insider reasons or stolen by thieves? If it is caused by improper management, it is necessary to change the way of management. If it is stolen by outside thieves, we should strengthen the anti-theft management.

1.     You should install full-scale monitoring in clothing stores to ensure that there are no dead corners in the stores, because monitoring can take evidence.

2.     You should install EAS anti-theft system. Alarm devices can play a deterrent role in peacetime to guard against people who are eager to steal. Anti-theft device is able to play an anti-theft role, If the goods are not settled and the anti-theft labels are not removed, the EAS anti-theft doors will alarm.

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