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Anti-theft of Non-Saleable Goods

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How do the goods in the showroom guard against theft? How to guard against theft of archival materials... With the progress of society and the improvement of human wisdom, people are not limited to commodities anti-theft or clothing anti-theft, there will be more things need to be well protected. 

Now, more and more exhibitions will be hold, but the goods of exhibitions will also be stolen. Customers often consult with us: calligraphy and painting, antiques, and other small commodities, they hope that we can give anti-theft solutions to these commodities. We also meet the needs of customers, with our expertise to provide customers with a sound solution to reduce customer commodity losses. 


In addition to exhibitions goods need to be protected, archives also should be protected. We all know that archives are even more valuable than commodities, and once they are lost, it may cause a lot of trouble. We would recommend that customers choose professional anti-theft paper to print data. Of course, anti-theft paper is expensive. We also have another kind of safer box, which will put the file data into the protection box. It is easy to discover if others open it without permission. It also adds a protective lock to the data files to prevent them from being taken out by unrelated persons.

There are many commodities around our lives that can be protected. If you have commodities that need to be protected, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with a sound solution and high quality products.

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