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Antitheft of artworks【Bohang】

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Antitheft of artworks【Bohang】

Nowadays, as people's living conditions are getting better and better, there are more and more high-quality biochemical methods. Many young people and parents will choose to visit various art galleries and exhibition halls, which can enhance the artistic sense and increase the art. Historical insights and understandings are long-term benefits for young people and children, so they are also welcomed every year. Many museums and art galleries are now open for appointment because of too many people, because too many people browse very much. Affect the sense of appreciation. Then, with the increase in passenger traffic, the art museums and museums need to be burglar-proof. Today, Bohang Electronics will introduce you to the art museum anti-theft.

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1. No need to burglar the artwork

Most closed museums do not require anti-theft, because these items are closed and do not touch the artwork when browsing, so there is no need for anti-theft and it is not convenient to touch the artwork. Do not install the museum anti-theft device. It is.


2. Need to burglar the artwork

Nowadays, many exhibitions are national exhibitions, and the items are placed close to the person. There is no protective equipment. Most people can also directly contact them. If someone wants to steal, they will be stolen. This requires the installation of an art gallery. The anti-theft device. The anti-theft device is generally installed at the entrance and exit, and the anti-theft tag is placed inside the artwork. Generally, the appearance is invisible, so once the item is stolen, it will be found when leaving.

  If you need EAS anti-theft system, please feel free to contact us, we will provide you with high quality products and good service.

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