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Application of Acoustic Magnetic concealed EAS system-[Bohang]

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Application of Acoustic Magnetic concealed EAS system-[Bohang]


Among the clothing EAS systems, the most widely used clothing stores are the acoustic magnetic EAS system and the radio frequency EAS system, especially the acoustic magnetic EAS system. With the advantages of high detection, high performance and anti-interference, it has been loved by clothing merchants. Most merchants have only heard of the sound-magnetic anti-theft antenna, and have rarely heard of buried-type acoustic magnetic equipment. Today, we will briefly introduce this EAS system for everyone.


Bohang concealed EAS system

1.completely concealed installation under the floor, does not affect the beauty of the store, improve space utilization, and the underground antenna provides a wide export protection will not affect the passenger flow.

2.good stability, DSP processing chip, selected high-quality components, work more reliable and stable, strong anti-interference ability, low false reporting rate, false positive rate.

3.flexible installation, can be installed in a simple concrete layer with cement, cement floor and raised ground.

4.A single transmitter and receiver can protect the exit of 2 meters wide and the protection height is 1.2-1.7 meters (depending on the type of label).

5.up to 8 single door installation, detection width of up to 16 meters, ultra-wide spacing allows users to decorate more freely.

6.automatic adaptive, self-detection technology, automatic gain control technology, effectively identify, filter and suppress external environmental interference, to achieve high alarm, no false positives, the ideal effect of the sound magnetic alarm.


Bohang concealed EAS system

If you want to say the advantages of this buried sound magnetic alarm, it is too much, but it also has shortcomings. First, the price of this high-altitude EAS system is not beautiful compared to other EAS systems. Its price is generally more than 10,000. After all, one price is worth the price. Second, its installation requires the clothing store to be installed before the renovation. The renovated clothing store needs more engineering and time to install, greatly increasing the time and cost, so the clothing store that wants to install should contact the EAS system as soon as possible.

Bohang concealed EAS system

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