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Attention! The mistakes of these supermarket anti-theft eas security door need to know [Bohang China]

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Attention! The mistakes of these supermarket anti-theft eas security door need to know [Bohang China]


With the rapid development of the Internet era, the market for online stores is getting bigger and bigger, and the profits of physical shops are getting lower and lower. In the case of supermarkets, the cost of goods, the wages of employees, the daily losses and the losses caused by theft are lost. There are few leftovers, and in order to avoid unnecessary losses, merchants have begun to choose supermarket anti-theft eas security door to reduce the economic costs of theft and security. However, there are some supermarket vendors who have some misconceptions about supermarket anti-theft eas security door. These misconceptions may be an indirect cause of losses in supermarkets. Today, Bobang China will bring you to understand.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas security door


1. Install a supermarket alarm to capture thieves


The main function of supermarket anti-theft device installation is to reduce theft and loss, but blindly using the number of thieves to measure the role of supermarket anti-theft eas security door will lead to misunderstanding. In fact, the main function of the anti-theft device is to deter the thief. Only by causing psychological shock to these thieves, they dare not come back, which indirectly acts as an anti-theft.



2. With the supermarket anti-theft device, my store will not be stolen


Although supermarket anti-theft eas security door can effectively prevent theft of goods and reduce the loss of supermarkets, it still has some limitations. If the anti-theft antenna is installed and the item is not tagged, no warning will be issued when the item passes the alarm antenna. Everything has its shortcomings and expiration dates. Therefore, after you have the ability to buy a good supermarket alarm, you need to configure the commissioner to operate it. Only by using it correctly can you minimize theft and get the desired anti-theft effect.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas security door


3. Supermarket anti-theft device can completely prevent theft


Supermarket anti-theft label usage specifications, product type division, degaussing operation, alarm processing, etc. are all done by the staff. If the staff does not operate according to the standard, the supermarket alarm will not be able to play an effective anti-theft function.


4. I spent money to install, but I dont think it has any effect


Retailers will have some sense of return on investment after making certain investments, because there are not many thieves in actual situations, so they think that the installation has no effect. In fact, this is a long-term investment anti-theft measure. It is the heart of thieves. Only by causing those thieves to have fear in their hearts can the theft happen.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft eas security door

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