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BH9676 AM Acrylic System for Supermarket/Clothing Store

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  • BH9676
  • 160*43CM
  • Acrylic
  • 58KHZ
  • Customized
  • - 10℃-60℃

Antenna Features

BOHANG AM MONO SERIES BH9676 AM Anti-theft Acrylic System


1.Completely independent label recognition algorithm and software intellectual property.

2.Low power consumption (average 200mA, 110 / 220VAC, 50 / 60Hz)

3.Advanced DSP digital processing technology.

4.Alternating magnetic field design to reduce the label detection blind spot.

5.Free debugging or screwdriver debugging to make installation&debugging becomes very simple.

6.Power supply synchronization design makes the system without any wired synchronous connection, the device can be an unlimited number of increase.

7.There is no need for ground wire,it is the gospel of AM system installation engineers.

8.A variety of sound, light alarm options

9.Applicable to all 58kHz AM soft labels & hard tags.

10.With alarm linkage interface, can be effective docking DVR, NVR and other video surveillance equipment.

Antenna Dimension

Dimensions160*43 CM
MaterialAntennas materialAcrylic
Milk White/Gray/Customized
Detection RangeLabels: 1.1-1.3m
Small square tag: 1.4-1.6m
Large square tag: 1.8-2.2m
Adapter socketCustomized

Working Mode

  1. Deter thieves

  2. Environmental friendly with low power usage

  3. High sensitivity, quick response, strong anti-interference ability

  4. Acrylic design, good look, firm, cost saving

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