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BH9686 AM Acrylic System

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  • BH9686
  • 156*39CM
  • Acrylic
  • 58KHZ
  • Customized
  • - 10℃-60℃

Antenna Features

BH9686HM AM 58KHz EAS safety equipment for Retail Stores Seurity System

1.Completely independent label recognition algorithm and software intellectual property rights.          

2.Low power consumption (average 200mA, 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz).          

3.Advanced DSP digital processing technology.          

4.Alternating magnetic field design, reduce the label detection blind area.          

5.Free debugging or screwdriver debugging makes installation, debugging is very simple.          

6.Power synchronization design to make the system without any wired synchronous connection, the device can increase the number of infinite.          

7.Bohang AM anti-theft antenna does not need to be connected ground wire, is the sound of the sound and magnetic anti-theft system installation engineers.          

8.Kinds of sound, light alarm mode selection.          

9.Apply to all 58kHz sound magnetic soft label, sound magnetic hard label.          

10.With alarm linkage interface can effectively docking DVR and NVR video surveillance equipment.

Article No. BH9686H
Specifactions Dimensions(H*W*D) Antennas Dimen. 155*39*10CM
(61"*15"*4" )
Base Dimen.
Packing Dimen. 168*56*20CM
Weight G.W./N.W. 25kg/20kg
Antenna Material Acrylic
Color Pedestal/Base
Frequency 58KHz
Signal processing method DSP
Alarm method Total reflection sound and light alarm
Detection Distance Label 0.6-0.8m
Tag SD1523 0.9-1.5m
Tag SD1524 1.0-1.8m

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