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Basic Understanding of the Sensitivity of Supermarket Anti-theft EAS System in Commodities [Bohang China]

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Many customers don't know much about the sensitivity of the product alarm. Today, we will give a brief introduction. First of all, under the premise of adjusting the sensitivity of the supermarket anti-theft EAS system, we need to pay attention to several major issues:

1. The power supply line cannot be mixed with high-power electrical appliances, and use independent power supply lines as much as possible;

2. No other similar equipment can exist within 10M of the system installation location;

3, the system installation location within 0.5M can not have a large area of metal objects;

4. There must be no anti-theft tag within 1M around the system installation location;

5. There must be no battery car charging or sharing the same power supply line within 1M around the system installation location;


supermarket anti-theft EAS system

Since the sensitivity of the supermarket anti-theft EAS system is moderate when the system is shipped from the factory, if the electromagnetic field environment is ideal, the sensitivity can be increased appropriately; the adjustment method: using a small screwdriver, the clockwise direction is increased, and the counterclockwise direction is decreased; Check the environment around the system, you can receive the flashing status of the LED signal indicator of the main board. In the case that the technical indicators are met, the signal indicator on the main board does not flash and can be alarmed normally.

Supermarket anti-theft

However, the more frequent or always bright the signal indicator flashes, it means that there is interference in the field environment; in the electromagnetic field with interference, the sensitivity of the system will be reduced by about 30%, and the anti-theft tag will not be effective. Good, or very poor, so you can't blindly adjust the potentiometer of the motherboard. If you increase the sensitivity, it will only increase the false positive rate of the system, and it will not improve the effect; if there is something that you still don't understand. You can always consult Bohang Electronics.


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