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Bohang AM mono system BH9686MONO

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Bohang AM mono system BH9686MONO

Performance and benefits

Product introductionBased on the self-developed new-generation intelligent AM magnetic and magnetic anti-theft detector, Bohang has subverted the traditional design of the industry with the principle of convenient installation, simple debugging and humanized use, so that the products can be installed and used in a foolproof manner. The system is equipped with a high-end DSP processor, combined with Bohang smart tag recognition algorithm software, as well as a new power-saving circuit design, special anti-power interference design, pulsed wave and alternating magnetic field excitation technology, beautiful and elegant industrial design, 220V or 110V (switching) power supply, plug and play, no power requirements (no need to strictly ground), etc. broke through the conventional design of the EAS industry.


1 Fully autonomous tag identification algorithm and software intellectual property.

2 Low power consumption (average 200mA, 110/220VAC, 50/60Hz).

3 Advanced DSP full digital processing technology.

4 alternating magnetic field design, reducing the dead zone of label detection.

5 Free debugging or screwdriver debugging makes installation and commissioning very simple.

6 Power synchronous design allows the system to be connected in an unlimited number without the need for any wired synchronous connections.

7 Bohang sound magnetic anti-theft antenna does not need a grounding wire, it is the gospel of the installation engineers of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system.

8 A variety of sound and light alarm options.

9 Suitable for all 58kHz sound and magnetic soft and hard labels.

10 With alarm linkage interface, it can effectively connect video surveillance equipment such as DVR and NVR.

[Scope of application]

Supermarket anti-theft, shopping mall anti-theft, clothing store anti-theft, shopping mall anti-loss, chain pharmacy anti-theft, fur anti-theft, library anti-theft, cosmetics store anti-theft, bookstore anti-theft, shoe store anti-theft, all kinds of amusement park anti-theft and book audio-visual store anti-theft Wait.

[Motherboard model] BH-AMMONO103

[Material composition] high-grade acrylic, metal base.

Package Condition

1 box per box, the order quantity is 1pc, the product manual is included in the package, 4 sets of expansion screws, 1 piece of stainless steel bead, one power cord.

[after sales service]

Minimum five-year warranty for a minimum of one year, lifetime maintenance.

[After sale instructions]

1, belonging to the quality of the goods themselves, can be returned within 1 month.

3, in addition to human factors and force majeure and other factors (such as man-made damage, flooded, earthquakes, etc.), the product is free of charge within 1 year, no material fees and shipping costs. (We undertake the freight that is sent to the buyer again, and the buyer bears the return shipping repair cost. That is, the actual freight costs are each borne by half.); After 1 year, the quality of the product occurs, the material fee and shipping fee are charged, and we are not responsible for any shipping costs. .

3, non-commodity failure, such as use problems, teardown, transfer, etc., provide paid after-sales maintenance services, we are not responsible for any costs.

4. When purchasing for the first time, provide free training services such as installation and use, and provide product training services on the day of direct sales. Provide technical support and telephone consultation all the year round.

[The following conditions cause detector failure]

1. The voltage of the power supply network in the shopping mall and the area using the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device changes instantaneously. When the 220V power supply is used, the power supply range fluctuates between 170V and 250V. If it exceeds this range, it may cause equipment failure.

2. When the sound magnetic anti-theft device is used, if there are large-scale electric equipment frequently started within 20 meters, such as large electric welding machine, large inverter air conditioner, large motor, impact drill and so on.

3, stacks of cards, etc. may cause equipment false positives, but this possibility is very rare.

4. The unencoded products carried by the customer, such as wallets, cosmetics, sanitary ware, etc., may have a magnetic magnetic source label.

5, AM sound magnetic detection antenna near the scattered anti-theft soft and eas hard tags, such as the surrounding trash can, desk drawers and so on.

6. When there is a continuous strong radio interference signal around the AM acoustic and magnetic detection antenna, the device may continuously sing or stop working.

7. Other interference phenomena that may be caused.

[Acoustic magnetic labels have poor performance or even cannot be used in the following cases]

1. When the sound magnetic anti-theft device is used, the system is not powered or actively shuts down.

2. When the acoustic magnetic hard label is in close contact with metal products, such as placing it in a hot pot or the like, the detection rate may be lowered.

3. When the sound magnetic soft label is directly attached to metal objects, such as iron pots and iron water cups. Shampoo, cosmetics, metal-packed chewing gum, chocolate, and metal-packed health supplements can be directly pasted, but the detection rate will decrease. For details of the metal object paste protection method, please contact Nanjing Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd., please contact us to view the contact information.

4. The soft label can't be alarmed when it is folded. When the arc is too large or wrinkled, the alarm rate will drop. When pressing, it may not be able to alarm.

5. When using unqualified labels, the alarm rate and anti-theft effect will be greatly reduced. It is recommended that Bohai customers use the corresponding labels produced or certified by Bohang.

6, frozen foods, frozen foods need to use special frozen sound magnetic soft labels, ordinary sound magnetic soft label paste on the food safety.

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