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Bohang BH-AM-004 EAS AM anti-theft system mainboard [Bohang China]

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Bohang BH-AM-004 EAS AM anti-theft system mainboard [Bohang China]

Bohang BH-AM-004 AM anti-theft system features:

1. The detection gate distance is 3 meters wide. The installation distance of 33 long magnetic bars can reach 2.2 meters to 2.6 meters, and 48 long magnetic bars can reach more than 3 meters.

2, no blind zone detection, unique alternating magnetic field design, label detection almost blind zone.

3, no need for grounding wire, no need to ground design is the gospel of the installation of sound and magnetic anti-theft system engineers.

4, plug and play, debugging-free or screwdriver debugging makes installation and debugging very simple.

5. The power supply is synchronized, so that the system does not need any wired synchronous connection, and the equipment can be increased in an unlimited number.

6, transceiver integrated mode, transceiver separation mode, dual-support mode can be selected to better reduce the impact of the back zone on the display of goods.

7, a variety of sound and light alarm mode selection.

8, applicable to all 58kHz acoustic magnetic anti-theft soft labels, acoustic magnetic anti-theft hard labels.

9, with alarm linkage interface, can effectively dock DVR, NVR and other video surveillance equipment.

10, 220V/110V, 50HZ/60HZ power supply is directly connected, without any external power supply equipment.


On-site installation and commissioning steps:


1. After the AM anti-theft antenna is unpacked, check the appearance of the antenna. After the appearance is not damaged, proceed to the next step.

2. Perform the test of the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device at the position where it needs to be installed, that is, connect the power cord as required, energize, observe the interference indicator, if the interference indicator is not bright or flashes slightly, indicating that the site environment is good, such as 3 When the lights are on, the environment is very bad. Generally speaking, the interference indicator light is one bright or one long bright and the other flashing, indicating that the site can be basically installed and installed. The anti-theft soft and hard label is used to test whether the sound and magnetic anti-theft antenna alarm condition meets the requirements, and the sensitivity potentiometer is observed when the second gear is observed. There is no self-sounding scene within 30 minutes of the hour hand limit.

3. After the test is passed, the acoustic magnetic anti-theft device will be installed.

4, if the test can not pass, you need to check the surrounding environment, such as LED large screen, spotlights, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, large freezer, large air conditioners, large motors, large generators, large electric tools, battery chargers, large Power distribution cabinets, anti-theft hard tags, anti-theft soft tags, other brands of acoustic and magnetic anti-theft systems, or other relatively large sources of interference. When the green indicator light is on, there may be an anti-theft label around it.

Test Tip: If the interference source is large, first of all, it is necessary to judge whether this is the passive interference source of the antenna feedback signal interference or the active interference source of other electronic equipment. The TX connector can be unplugged and powered on under the premise of turning off the power. If the interference indicator is off, it indicates that it is a passive interference source. It mainly looks at the surrounding large-area metal structures, such as large shelves, metal doors, metal pillars, and metal. Wall and so on. If the interference indicator does not change or changes very little, it indicates that it is an active interference source. In this case, check the various electrical equipment that may emit electric waves.

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