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Bohang EAS system wiring description

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Bohang EAS system wiring description

      Bohang has a professional installation team with very professional technology.We have a dedicated wiring strategy,Please follow the instructions,

      Remark:Recommended actual installation spacing for EAS AM Mono system

      (With SD2548(soft label)):N=1200-1300mm,Depend on the design of the doorway,try to be as small as possible,better less than 1.6 meters.

      (With Bo hang SD1523(hard tag)):N=1800-2000mm,Depend on the design of the doorway,try to be as small as possible.



         The quantities can be increased arbitrarily,no need synchronized lines ,but need the same phase power cord,that means the same air switch is connected, and the same location is installed in the different locations of the same store.

        Although the eas system industry is the same, Bohang has its own professional features.We have a professional R&D team.Please follow our instructions.Although the wiring is very professional, it is very simple to follow the instructions.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.And our labels and tags are made with the latest materials, and the detection rate will be higher.

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