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Bohang clothing store glass door EAS anti-theft solution

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Bohang clothing store glass door EAS anti-theft solution

Glass door clothing anti-theft features:


The clothing store glass door EAS anti-theft device is installed inside or outside the entrance and exit glass door (depending on the situation of the store), usually installed with acoustic or radio frequency main and auxiliary antennas, buried antenna, one host antenna can be matched with one or two pairs The antenna of the machine has an effective protection interval of 1.6-2.6 meters, and the effective protection interval of one main and two frames is 3.2-5.2 meters. The longer door distance of the clothing store can be installed in multiple ways.

It fully satisfies the product loss prevention requirements of the clothing anti-theft, and the layout is more beautiful. The customer has completed the loss detection test unconsciously during the settlement process, and does not affect the customer's free shopping experience.

Clothing anti-theft solution
First, understand the basic components of supermarket anti-theft devices:
1. Anti-theft antenna: acoustic magnetic antenna, radio frequency antenna
2, anti-theft tags: hard tags, soft tags
3, unlocking device: unlocking device (hard standard)
4, wire rope (some stores can be used)

Second, the clothing security system work steps
(1) The consumables used in the anti-theft of the clothing - the anti-theft magnetic clasp is installed on each piece of clothing, and will not be easily pulled.
(2) Install a clothing anti-theft antenna at the total entrance and exit of the clothing store, and the antenna can be buried vertically or concealed by acoustic or radio frequency.
(3) When the customer goes to the clothing store counter to process the payment, the staff will use the unlocker to open the clothing anti-theft magnetic buckle and the shopping is completed.
(4) When the customer forgets the payment or fails to process the payment (applied with the magnetic buckle), the clothing anti-theft antenna detects the clothing with the magnetic buckle and gives an audible and visual alarm, and the customer needs to go through the payment procedure.
Third, according to the entrance and exit of the clothing store, the installation of the glass door and the internal environment, design the installation plan, calculate the approximate number and location of the clothing anti-theft device.
1. Calculate the number of clothing alarms according to the entrance and exit of the clothing store.
2. According to the installation condition of the glass door, whether it is installed on the inside or outside
3. Calculate the number of anti-theft tags and wire ropes based on the area of the garment.

Fourth, the customer service to the customer to introduce the clothing anti-theft device, to understand the composition and types of clothing anti-theft device.
Clothing anti-theft antenna:
1. Acoustic magnetic antenna: The detection frequency is 58KHz. The material of the acoustic magnetic antenna is divided into three types: acrylic, ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. The price is from high to low, and the anti-interference and detection performance is higher than that of the RF antenna.
2. RF antenna: The detection frequency is 8.5MHz. The material is also divided into acrylic, ABS plastic and aluminum alloy. The price is from high to low. The disadvantage is that the anti-interference performance is not as good as the acoustic antenna because of low frequency.
3, material selection: medium and high-end clothing stores, mobile phone stores, retail stores, etc. suitable for acrylic transparent antennas, general stores recommend ABS high-strength plastic, aluminum alloy antenna material is light, price concessions.
Copyright label:

1. Hard label: mainly for clothing anti-theft magnetic buckle, anti-theft buckle installed on clothing, shoes, hats, bags and accessories, can be used repeatedly, detection distance is 1.5-2.8 meters (different types of labels will have different detection distance)
2, soft label: divided into sound magnetic soft label and radio frequency soft label, there will be a small number of stores to make soft label anti-theft, the disadvantage is that it can not be reused (models with different detection distances).
Decode and unlocker
Unlocker: Magnetic nail remover, used to recover anti-theft hard tags and special tags, so that the goods lose (release) alarm function. Also known as the release device, unlocker, extractor and so on.
Fifth, design several product specific plans, after the quotation and the customer to determine the final plan.
1. Design export protection mode: Install the detection antenna at the entrance and exit, depending on the independent design of different stores.
2. The installation position of the detection antenna is reasonably designed according to the store map, and the following two points are achieved: Ensure the normal circulation of personnel and goods yards, and facilitate the handling of the police by security personnel.
3. Under the premise of effective fortification, fully take care of the economy, practicality and beauty and refer to our previous installation examples and customer needs, and now make the following specific system solutions.
Sixth, installation
1, installation arrangements: free delivery within three days, delivery within seven days
2, installation time: 1-2 business days
3, home installation: the national door to arrange professional installation, commissioning, testing, on-site training and daily maintenance training, the anti-theft device is completely no problem to confirm the installation is complete.
Seven, warranty and after-sales service
1, Boss anti-theft equipment normal one year free warranty, can be agreed for five-year warranty, lifetime maintenance, free maintenance during the warranty period, no charge.
2, belonging to the quality of the goods themselves, can be returned free of charge at any time within 1 month.
3. Respond 2 hours after receiving the warranty notice. Within 48 hours to 72 hours, personnel will be sent to the maintenance (the door-to-door time will vary according to the region)
4, annual free of charge every year to carry out the annual inspection of the product anti-theft device to ensure the normal use of anti-theft devices.
5, Bohang promises to provide you with fast and convenient installation services, focusing on the installation of supermarket anti-theft, clothing anti-theft, library anti-theft, electronic anti-theft and other equipment.
Eight, installation line requirements
1. The anti-theft system is divided into an alarm system at the door and a degaussing system at the checkout counter.
2. Its capacity is 100W per anti-theft detection system and 50W per decoding system capacity.
Total capacity: (100W × number per detection system + 50W per decoding system) ÷ Safety factor 0.6 = total line capacity.
3. When the power is distributed, this line is connected to a total air switch in the main distribution box, and its outlet is divided into two lines. One route is connected in parallel to the power supply of each alarm system, and the other route is connected in parallel to each cash register, and each power position is respectively connected to the three-hole socket.
4. When connecting the socket, press the left line of the socket to the zero line, the right side is the fire line, and the connection is unified. There must be no mixing. The alarm system socket at the door is more than 2 meters above the ground, and the degaussing system socket on the checkout counter is connected to the cabinet of the checkout counter.
5. This route shall not be plugged into other electrical equipment, and no sockets of any other electrical equipment shall be reserved.
6. Avoid electronic equipment such as inverter elevators, spotlights, and electronic starters as much as possible within 3 meters of the equipment.
7. Wiring should be pre-buried with PVC pipes of 20cm in diameter, one pipe per antenna.
Nine, pay attention
1. Because the door distance, site design and environment of each store are different, it is necessary to design each installation plan in a targeted manner.
2, special circumstances of the store, we will arrange professional engineers to come to the door for exploration, testing, on the spot to design a suitable clothing anti-theft program
3. The design plan and site survey are free and will not charge any fees.

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