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Bohang hidden buried concealed eas anti-theft system BH9503

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Bohang hidden buried concealed eas anti-theft system BH9503

      Bohang AM buried concealed eas anti-theft system BH9503 is an anti-theft system that is difficult for thieves to detect. It can be rolled up and taken away by eas AM buried equipment. It is an anti-theft system buried in the ground or installed in the ceiling. Taking up the place of the mall does not affect the beauty of the store, giving people a feeling of being tall and noble. Applicable to clothing stores, luggage stores, fur shops, goods stores, sports goods stores, maternity stores and other retail stores. Installing the AM buried concealed eas anti-theft system can be a good choice.

Buried concealed eas anti-theft system supporting equipment


    Product performance description


    BH9503 is the highest-end buried controller at present, which can solve the problem of metal shielding of buried antennas;

    It can carry two buried antennas and power boxes at the same time; multiple systems can be synchronized without wired connection;

    The intelligent design makes installation and debugging more convenient;

    No need for computer debugging, no remote control debugging, a small screwdriver is all solved;

    Optional synchronization with other brands of AM (acoustic magnetic) systems;

    It is almost unaffected when it is out of sync with other brand AM systems, and it works perfectly;

    There is no need for strict grounding, that is, no grounding wire does not affect the operation of the equipment, but in order to use electricity safety, it is recommended to use a socket with a grounding wire;

    Up to 8 single-door installations with a detection width of 16 meters, ultra-wide spacing allows users to decorate more freely, giving customers a better shopping experience;

    The foldable antenna design makes it easier to transport or carry

    Note: Because the concealed buried anti-theft device is installed under the floor, it needs to be installed and buried when the shop has not been renovated. If it is a renovated shop that needs to install this product, the floor needs to be removed.



    Detection distance of the eas tags


    Note: The detection distance is a test in a non-interfering environment, and the actual installation is determined according to the environment in which the site is installed.


    Benefits of installing an AM buried concealed eas anti-theft system:

    1. The eas antenna is completely concealed under the floor, which does not affect the beautiful appearance of the store. It maintains excellent anti-theft performance of electronic products and also improves the utilization of space.

    2. The installation method is flexible and adaptable to the installation of various floor materials, such as wooden floors, concrete or other floors.

    3. Buried underground eas antennas provide wide exit protection without affecting passenger traffic.

    4. Remote sound and light alarm can remind the clerk.



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