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Can a cosmetics store install a supermarket anti-theft eas system to guard against theft?

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Can a cosmetics store install a supermarket anti-theft eas system to guard against theft?


Most supermarket stores and clothing store owners install supermarket eas system at their outlets to protect goods and reduce the loss rate. Some libraries, luggage stores, mobile phone stores and so on have begun to install supermarket burglars to prevent theft. Seeing that everyone has installed the supermarket eas anti-theft system, our cosmetics business is not calm. Today, we received a call from our customers asking us whether we could install supermarket anti-theft eas system to guard against theft.

In fact, the anti-theft principle of cosmetics stores and supermarkets are similar, are through anti-theft labels to achieve anti-theft effect, in the cosmetics store outlets installed anti-theft alarms, store goods on anti-theft labels, once pasted on the cosmetics on the effective soft label if not taken off the store, then anti-theft alarm There will be an alarm. It can protect every product and reduce the wastage rate of cosmetics stores.

Cosmetics stores generally use acoustic and magnetic anti-theft eas system, although compared with the radio frequency anti-theft eas system is more expensive, but some cosmetics stores commodities contain metal substances, the radio frequency anti-theft system has shielding effect, so more inappropriate.

The consumables of theft-proof device system in cosmetics shop are: transmitting antenna and receiving antenna in cosmetics shop, no demagnetization decoding board

Magnetic stripe detector (decoder), anti-theft soft label, anti-theft protection box.

Anti-theft soft label: directly stick the soft label on the commodity, in use should pay attention to: do not affect the beauty of the commodity, can not bend, do not damage the commodity, avoid close to magnetic material.

Anti-theft protection box will be placed in the protection box, playing a dual anti-theft role; the opening of the protection box needs to use a special nail remover to operate; the protection box can be customized according to customer needs frequency and size.

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