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Can supermarket eas security doors play an anti-theft role?

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Can supermarket eas security doors play an anti-theft role?


Speaking of supermarket eas security doors, I believe that many people believe that the kind of device that detectors use to detect whether or not to carry metal articles, also known as metal detection doors. But today we want to tell you that the supermarket eas security door is also called the supermarket security eas system. It uses the principle and technology of AM or RF to protect the goods in the shop from theft. So can the supermarket eas system really play an anti-theft role?

First of all, let's understand the principle of supermarket security guard against theft.

Supermarket eas anti-theft security door generally consists of transmitter and receiver. The transmitter transmits the scanning band and forms an area between transmitting antenna and receiving antenna. The receiver takes this frequency back. The principle of electromagnetic resonance is used to detect the existence of valid eas hard tag and soft label in this area. If there is one, it will touch. Alarm, drop alarm.

Understanding the working principle of the supermarket eas system, let's see how to prevent theft.

A whole set of supermarket security eas system consists of anti-theft eas antenna, eas hard tag or eas soft label, detacher/deactivator. It mainly uses the principle of magnetic field induction to guard against theft. The anti-theft eas antenna installed at the door has a magnetic sensor with alarm function. If the eas hard tag and eas soft labels installed on the commodity has not undergone normal demagnetization, the supermarket eas antennas will emit dripping alarm sounds. Only when customers have paid for the selected goods, the cashier takes the nails from the eas hard tags on the goods and degaussing the eas soft labels on some goods, the customers  cantake the purchased goods through the anti-theft antenna at the supermarket exit smoothly.

After understanding the working principle of the supermarket security door, I believe that people are beginning to worry about the performance of the product, and want to know whether the product can accurately alarm in the process of work, whether it will fail to report/misreport and so on. The following edition will give an example of the equipment of Nanjing Bohang.

Nanjing Bohang's supermarket anti-theft eas system uses high-end DSP processor, special anti-power interference technology, to achieve high stability and alarm of antenna, the detection rate reaches 99%, almost zero false alarm and missed report. Because different eas anti-theft antennas are used with different anti-theft eas tags, the width of the detection area is different, so when installing anti-theft equipment to customers, Nanjing Bohang will arrange professional personnel to visit the scene, combining with the actual situation of the shop, give the final anti-theft plan, so that the equipment can play a good anti-theft effect.

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