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Can the AM EAS security tag be washed if it is dirty? [BOHANG]

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Can the AM EAS security tag be washed if it is dirty? [BOHANG]


When we go to a clothing store or go shopping at a shopping mall, we always find that there are AM EAS security tag on the clothes. Many people are curious. What kind of structure are these small AM EAS security tag? Is it really only the clothing store that can remove it? Can these AM EAS security tag be washed,if it is dirty? Facing for such questions, in fact, these small AM EAS security tag can contain a lot of wisdom, do not to mention its small size.

Bohang AM EAS security tag

The internal part of the  AM EAS security tag is composed of a spring, an iron ring and an iron ball. Its main principle is to use a spring to press the iron ring, and then press the iron ball, and the iron ball is pressed against the dark buckle to fix it. We all know that magnetic can attracts iron, and the clothing store opens the  AM EAS security tag to attract the strong magnetic force. Then you may say, is it possible that I can open all the magnetic and magnetic anti-theft AM EAS security tag with a strong magnet? 

If so,you are too naive, because opening different magnetic and magnetic anti-theft buckles requires the use of strong magnetic devices with different magnetic forces. Strong magnetic equipment is a prototype groove that needs to be the same size, so the way to unlock it is to let the clothing store or the mall to remove it.

Bohang AM EAS security tag

Because of the high frequency of using the EAS security tag, some people will also be curious about, can the AM EAS security tag be washed after using so many times? If it is really dirty, you can wipe it with a damp cloth,remember to be careful,do not damage the AM EAS security tag It is not recommended to wash it. Because the magnetic anti-theft buckle has a coil circuit inside, if the water penetrates, it will cause oxidation of components or copper wires, which will reduce the detection effect.So until now,do you know how to keep the AM EAS security tag and how to maintain it.If you want to know more,please enquiry our BOHANG electronics.

Bohang AM EAS security tag

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