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Can the anti-theft security hard tag be released at another supermarket? [Bohang China]

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Can the anti-theft security hard tag be released at another supermarket? [Bohang China]


Everyone in life may often encounter things bought in the supermarket. After paying the money and returning home, they find that the anti-theft button has not been taken down. This is a very embarrassing thing. If the supermarket is close to your home, it is better to take it back. The cashier who found the payment asked her to take it for help. If it is far away, then the anti-theft security hard tagcan go to another supermarket to take it? This question is believed that many people want to know the answer. In order to verify the results, Bohang China specially ran two cooperative supermarkets to do this experiment. Let me analyze it for you.


 Bohang anti-theft security hard tag


The anti-theft security hard tag usually refers to the anti-theft hard tag. The degaussing method of the hard tag is very simple. It is not as complicated as the soft tag. First of all, please listen to my analysis of the working principle of the anti-theft security hard tag and the principle of taking the anti-theft security hard tag. After reading it, you You may know the answer. The anti-theft security hard tag uses the magnetic principle. It is a magnetic resonant coil itself, and the two alarm antennas of the anti-theft device are responsible for transmitting signals, and one is responsible for receiving signals, one after another. 

A meshed signal detection area is formed. When the magnetic resonance coil of the anti-theft security hard tag enters this area, it will resonate with the magnetic field of the signal area, thereby turning on the induced current and triggering an alarm.


Bohang anti-theft security hard tag

Since the anti-theft security hard tag is a magnetic object, the buckle that removes it must also be a magnetic object. The buckle contains a strong magnetic column, and the anti-theft security hard tag is composed of a steel needle, a plastic casing and a lock cylinder. The lock cylinder is actually composed of three. A steel ball is a simple device formed by a steel ring and a spring. The steel ball is normally closed by the spring thrust. When the steel needle is inserted, the steel ball is tightly fastened in the gap of the steel needle; when the buckle is placed on the anti-theft security hard tag head At the same time, the magnetic column will magnetically suck the three steel balls holding the steel needle in the lock core away from the steel needle, and the steel needle can be smoothly pulled out from the anti-theft security hard tag. 

Therefore, as long as the magnetic force of the buckle is large enough, the anti-theft security hard tag on the market can basically be opened. Nowadays, the large and medium-sized supermarkets will have a buckle. When the anti-theft security hard tag for the home is forgotten, you can go to the nearest one. Supermarkets and service personnel explained the situation and helped them to take it down.

Bohang anti-theft security hard tag

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