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Can the supermarket eas system protect all goods in the supermarket?

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Can the supermarket eas system protect all goods in the supermarket?


Let me tell the answer: No! ! ! !

1, first of all to know the composition of the supermarket anti-theft eas system: anti-theft antenna, anti-theft tag, detacher, anti-theft eas system is mainly composed of these, and is indispensable.

2. It is necessary to know that only the soft label is attached to the product or the anti-theft anti-theft eas system is installed. The general supermarkets are arranged to prevent the loss of the personnel at the exit, in order to prevent these stolen goods from being bought without paying. The supermarket allows the loss prevention personnel to check whether there are any small tickets, but still can't cut off the items being stolen. The anti-theft device and the loss prevention personnel are installed to reduce the loss and reduce the stolen situation.

3, so it is said that not all goods can be burglar alarm, supermarkets continue to increase the monitoring of anti-theft devices and loss prevention personnel, but these methods still can not completely prevent theft, but to minimize the loss of the supermarket.

4, some valuables supermarkets will take more anti-theft measures, not only will be labeled with soft labels, and will hide the labels in invisible places, this will prevent some people from tearing down the soft labels, tearing soft labels There is no anti-theft function for the product.

5, in the ordinary supermarket anti-theft should pay attention to some details, these details can be done, you can reduce the loss of the supermarket.

6. Analyze the details of the supermarket's loss prevention from small to large, to implement the single item in the supermarket, which items are the key to prevent damage, what measures will be taken to find out the reasons for formation, and have a set of standardized procedures;

7. Strengthen the management of bar codes, standardize the diversification of one product, the whole sale, the sale and the whole sale, and strengthen the management of the gift code;

8. Resolutely implement the daily inventory system, make reasonable adjustments to the daily inventory of goods according to the actual situation, optimize the list of daily inventory and daily inventory, and pay attention to the list of abnormal profit and loss commodities, so as to continuously improve the situation and methods of supermarket anti-theft.

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