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Cautions for installing eas anti-theft system in cosmetics stores

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Cautions for installing eas anti-theft system in cosmetics stores

1. To prevent theft in cosmetics stores                                                                                                                                                               The anti-theft eas system has changed the previous way. It uses acoustical magnetic and radio frequency technology to give commodities a self-defense capability, so that safety measures can be implemented on every commodity, and thoroughly and effectively solve the problem of commodity theft. The investigation shows that the theft rate of merchants with cosmetics anti-theft eas system is 60%-70% lower than that of merchants without cosmetics eas anti-theft system. They can effectively prevent theft.


2. Simplify management

Anti-theft system can effectively curb the phenomenon of "internal theft", alleviate the contradictions between employees and managers, eliminate the psychological barriers of employees, and make employees devote themselves to work, thereby improving work efficiency. Enterprises can also reduce human costs and losses.

3. Improving the shopping experience of customers

Installation of anti-theft eas system can create a good and relaxed shopping environment for consumers, allow them to freely and unrestrainedly purchase goods, greatly improve the relationship between businesses and consumers, and win more customers for businesses. Finally, it increases sales and profits.

4. To deter the thieves

Cosmetic eas anti-theft system prevents customers from stealing something in a tough and polite way, avoids disputes caused by human factors, and protects the interests of businesses while respecting human rights. For the thieves, theft-proof system psychologically creates a huge deterrent to them.


5. Beautify the environment

The anti-theft eas system itself is a high-tech product. Its beautiful appearance and exquisite manufacturing technology can be integrated with modern and magnificent decoration. For example, the eas anti-theft system is made of acrylic, its appearance can achieve the effect of "icing on the cake", while protecting commodities, it also beautifies the environment of the shopping mall. It is a high-grade shopping mall, large and medium-sized supermarkets to show the economic strength and technological content of the landmark equipment, is the inevitable trend of the development of modern shopping malls.

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