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Clothing eas anti-theft system use precautions

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Clothing store eas anti-theft system use precautions

With the development of science and technology, many new products are more and more. In order to ensure the safety of goods in the store, some clothing stores have begun to install clothing eas system at the door of the store. In order to make the installed anti-theft device play an effective anti-theft effect, the use time is longer, and we sort out some matters that need to be paid attention to when using the clothing anti-theft device.



1.Can not be exposed to the sun

Clothing anti-theft system can not be exposed to sunlight, nor can it be placed in places where the temperature is too high, humid, chemically corroded, and dust. In addition, in order to ensure the normal operation of this eas anti-theft system, the interference source should be surveyed on site before installation.


2.Use an independent power supply

In order to avoid interference with other electrical appliances, it is recommended to use a separate AC220V power supply. Of course, the choice of power socket should also be paid attention to. It should be selected as a 10A pole with a safety standard to ground the socket, so as to ensure the clothing eas system work normally.

3. When power is turned on, it is found that the power is not cut off normally

The clothing eas system can only be used after power-on. If it is abnormal during power-on, what needs to be done is to cut off the power immediately. After the fault is removed, the power can be plugged in. This is when the mall is used.


4.Do not operate with electricity.

In the process of installing the clothing alarm, do not operate with electricity, which is easy to cause some danger.

5.Repeat the inspection of the line.

When all the connections are connected, be sure to check the installation repeatedly, and you should also make sure that the line is correct and wait until after these determinations are energized.

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