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Clothing store security tag[Bohang China]

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  At present, more than 60% of clothing stores choose to use security tag to solve the problem of wear and tear. From traditional civil air defense to high-tech electronic anti-theft system, they have achieved a qualitative leap in anti-wear. Today, I will tell you about the working principle of garment security tag.


 The garment security tag is fastened at the seam of the garment to reduce the damage of nails to the garment, which plays an anti-theft role without affecting the beauty.
 The garment security door is installed at the entrance of the garment entity store. The distance between the two doors is generally about 1.2-2 meters

Customers are checking out at the cashier's desk. The cashier takes the security tag off the clothes. When customers pass through the anti-theft door, the anti-theft door will not alarm.

④ If the customer does not check out at the cash register, the anti-theft doors on both sides will send out sound and light alarms when they walk through the anti-theft doors with their clothes. Remind customers to make up the checkout procedure.


After the above explanation, you should know the function of the garment security tag. Bohang Electronics Co., Ltd. focuses on electronic products, EAS electronic goods anti-theft system, acoustic and magnetic anti-theft device, supermarket anti-theft device, clothing store anti-theft device, anti-theft label, has its own technical team and research and development team.


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