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  • The resolution of library anti theft security door Functional Description: The EM system has a precise alarm, high magnetic strip detection rate, high-performance motherboard, suitable for installation in a variety of different environments, detection gates can be composed of single or multiple chann


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  • The main application of mall anti-theft hard tags[BOHANG CHINA]There are many kinds of goods in supermarkets. Supermarkets are the place where the most stolen goods are found in anti-theft.Often high-value goods are frequently stolen.In order to reduce the loss caused by the theft of goods, the anti


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  • How to distinguish the quality of Anti-theft hard tags[BOHANG CHINA]Anti-theft hard tags are an important part of the entire electronic anti-theft system.The performance of the anti-theft hard tags affects the performance of the entire anti-theft system.Some hard tags are susceptible to moisture; so


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  • What you should pay attention to when using EAS am soft label[BOHANG CHINA]Before using EAS am soft label,you must know anti-theft system operating practices.Let's do an experiment.Prepare corresponding training materials,some pieces EAS am soft labels,some products,like shampoos, shower gels, cosme


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  • Notes on the use of EAS soft labels[BOHANG CHINA]As we all know,EAS soft labels is an indispensable part in anti-theft EAS system.If you are the owner, own one or many stores.When recruiting employees,you will train them how to use EAS soft labels.This is a very important thing for the store.


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  • How to deactivate the EAS soft label attached on the product[BOHANG CHINA]As we all know,as the cashier completes the commodity cashier's work,they must deactivate the EAS soft label attached on the product at the same time.If the customer has paid for the item,the EAS soft label attached on the pro


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  • How many types retail anti theft security systems in daily life?[BOHANG CHINA]retail anti theft security systems are now an indispensable part in supermarkets,clothing stores and other places.In order to reduce the loss rate of goods in stores, more and more businesses will choose to install anti-th


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  • Some usage tips on security EAS hard tag-you deserve to have[BOHANG CHINA]As a gathering place for daily necessities, supermarkets and shopping malls bring convenience to people's lives, but also face the general problem of theft. How to solve this problem,today we will recommend how to use security


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  • How many types of EAS hard tag with lanyard[BOHANG CHINA]As we all know,there are many types EAS hard tags,round shape,square shape,special shape and so on.however there are also many types EAS hard tag with lanyard.Like Milk powder tags,wine bottle tags,small round / small square tags with lanyard.


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  • How many types of anti theft security tags for retail store[BOHANG CHINA]In shopping malls,supermarkets and other places,some people steal goods when they buy items.In order to reduce the occurrence of this situation,and to create a better shopping environment for everyone,anti-theft products such a


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