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Concealed eas anti-theft system——protect the safety of goods secretly

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Concealed eas anti-theft system——protect the safety of goods secretly


Speaking of the hidden buried anti-theft eas system, many people are still unfamiliar. It is an anti-theft system that we can't see. It has been silently protecting the store's items in the "dark". Some high-end clothing stores will choose to install this anti-theft system, which is usually installed under the floor at the entrance and exit of the store. The alarm horn is on the main unit, and the alarm principle is the same as that of the vertical eas anti-theft device. The concealed buried anti-theft system is actually a kind of acoustic magnetic anti-theft system. Its detection rate is as high as 99%, the anti-interference is strong, and the false negative rate is almost zero.

The advantages concealed buried anti-theft system:

1, there are some tall and beautiful shops in order to shop beautiful and save space, do not like the traditional vertical anti-theft device affects the overall beauty, concealed buried anti-theft device just solves such concerns.

2, the detection distance is wide, the detection height of the buried eas anti-theft system can reach 1.0 to 1.8 meters, and the detection width is up to 2 meters, which can meet the requirement of wide door distance.

3, the anti-theft shock is strong, because the buried anti-theft device has been working in the "dark", the thief is not easy to find whether the store is equipped with eas anti-theft system, if the thief takes the tagged goods to the door. The horn of the anti-theft eas system will sound a warning, and the security guard will stop the thief. This invisible buried anti-theft device is even more shocking to the thief.

The disadvantages of concealed buried anti-theft system

As shown in Figure 1, the installation requirements are high. Because the concealed buried eas anti-theft system is installed under the floor, it is necessary to contact the manufacturer before the decoration to arrange the engineer to bury the coil in advance; if your shop is already renovated, then It is necessary to disassemble the floor for the wiring of the coil, which not only wastes manpower and material resources, but also has some influence on the overall aesthetics of the store.

2, the cost of concealed eas anti-theft system is relatively high.The product performance of the hidden buried anti-theft device is stable compared to the vertical acoustic magnetic anti-theft eas system and the radio frequency anti-theft eas system.

3, the detection height of the eas soft label is relatively low. The detection height of the eas hard tag is up to 2 meters. If the goods in the store are eas hard tags, the tag detection effect is very good; and the detection height of the anti-theft soft label is about 1 meter, although it is impossible for a thief to hold a commodity, there is still a certain risk of underreporting.

Reading the above introduction, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the concealed buried anti-theft eas system, we must consider the situation of their own stores when buying eas anti-theft system. If you want to know more about our buried eas anti-theft system, you can contact us directly. I believe our company will be able to give you a satisfactory solution.

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