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Concealed eas loop anti-theft system [Bohang China]

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Concealed eas loop anti-theft system [Bohang China]

The function of the concealed eas loop anti-theft system is mainly that when an item with an anti-theft security tag (hard tag and soft tag) passes through the anti-theft antenna, the antenna will automatically alarm and prevent damage. However, in some supermarkets, large shopping malls, and clothing stores, only valuable items are installed with anti-theft tags. More items cannot be installed at all, and the cost is often too high. Therefore, when these items are stolen, even if there is an anti-theft alarm device, they cannot grasp them, because they all know that no anti-theft alarm will not ring. Over time, these people will steal more.


 Everyone usually visits supermarkets, buy clothes bags, and large shopping malls. Then they will observe that there are two antennas in the exit of the store. Most people know that it is an anti-theft alarm device, also called an anti-theft antenna. It gives people It feels like a robot policeman. You haven’t done anything wrong. It’s natural to feel at ease, but if you do something wrong, then you’re afraid that it’s “alarm” to expose you!

Bohang concealed eas loop anti-theft system

Someone asked if they can effectively avoid these theft problems?

Today Bohang China is about to introduce a high-tech anti-theft system: concealed eas loop anti-theft system.This is the difference between the ground-mounted concealed eas loop anti-theft system. Unlike the vertical concealed eas loop anti-theft system, the antenna is completely concealed under the floor, which does not affect the beautiful appearance of the store, while maintaining high-quality anti-theft performance. The most important thing is that it can help the business to seize a lot of theft, and the power of the "door god" will increase! !

Because it is underground, some people think that there is no anti-theft alarm device in the store, and the stolen thoughts can be expressed in a bright and straightforward way. When the merchant selectively installs a small and hidden anti-theft tag in the product, the thief steals When you step out of the exit, the concealed eas loop anti-theft system will immediately alarm and catch the thief, thus giving a big warning to those who have thoughts! ! !

Maybe everyone knows very little about this kind of concealed eas loop anti-theft system. Bohang China will give you a simple science.~


 Bohang concealed eas loop anti-theft system


1. Completely concealed  installation under the floor, does not affect the beauty of the store, improve space utilization, and the underground antenna provides a wide export protection will not affect the passenger flow.

2. Good stability, DSP processing chip, selected high-quality components, work more reliable and stable, strong anti-interference ability, low false reporting rate, false positive rate.

3. Suitable for the installation of various flooring materials, wood flooring, concrete or other flooring.

4. Flexible installation, can be installed in a simple concrete layer with cement, cement floor and raised ground.

5. A single transmitter and receiver can protect the exit of 2 meters wide and the protection height is 1.2-1.6 meters (depending on the type of label).

6. Up to 8 single doors can be installed, the detection width is up to 16 meters, and the ultra-wide spacing makes the user's decoration more free.

7. Automatic adaptive, self-detection technology, automatic gain control technology, effectively identify, filter and suppress external environmental interference, to achieve the ideal effect of high alarm, no false positives.

8. Comply with the radio frequency, signal strength, and electromagnetics issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


However, it also has a troublesome place, that is, it should be installed during the decoration of the store. If the store has been renovated, it is not suitable for installing concealed eas loop anti-theft system. The amount of work is large, which is not conducive to the normal operation of the store, so you want to install it. Everyone who wants to install the concealed eas loop anti-theft system should know and reserve in advance, avoiding the regret that you want to install it but not install it.

Bohang concealed eas loop anti-theft system

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