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Conventional methods of anti-theft in supermarket [Bohang China]

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Conventional methods of anti-theft in supermarket [Bohang China]


Whether it is supermarkets, shopping malls, clothing stores, there will often be the phenomenon of stolen goods. This phenomenon has caused great troubles and losses to the merchants. In order to reduce the economic losses caused by theft, the merchants have turned their brains to think. Out of all kinds of weird anti-theft measures, then what measures are really useful? Today, Bohang China uses supermarket anti-theft as an example to summarize the conventional means of Conventional methods of anti-theft in supermarket.


 Bohang anti-theft in supermarket


Different types of shops should be treated differently when considering anti-theft measures, and corresponding targeted measures should be taken. The conventional means of anti-theft of supermarkets generally include the design of shopping malls that are conducive to theft prevention, the installation of anti-theft mirrors, the placement of plainclothes security officers and the arrest of employees. Temporary professional thief" and so on. In addition, there are also fixed goods such as ropes, locks and chains, and anti-theft warning slogans such as placards. The following is a detailed introduction to these conventional means:


1. Design a shopping mall layout that is conducive to theft


In an open store, when designing a mall layout that is conducive to theft, the main point is to facilitate attention and focus on layout.


2. Reasonably arrange goods


Small items that are most likely to be stolen and easy to carry; such as chocolates, batteries, etc., are displayed in the place where the salesperson's sight is most likely to be concerned, which will increase the difficulty of the thief's crime and facilitate the anti-theft of the goods. However, the most easily stolen goods are not suitable for being placed at the exit. The flow of people at the exit is large, and the salesperson is not easy to find or distinguish the thief, which is likely to cause theft of goods. In the hypermarket, it is very beneficial to concentrate some of the easily lost and high-value products in a relatively small area to form a shopping space similar to the fine gallery. It is also a good way to display safegoods. Anti-theft of goods. Like Beijing Wankelong, the shopping area is large, and there are many brands of goods. On the second floor of it, there is another small shop in the store, mainly selling CDs, tapes, color TVs, film, walkmans, cameras, electric shavers. A product with a small volume and a high value. If you do not put the theft rate of these goods will be astonishingly high. Of course, for Wankelong, such anti-theft measures are not enough. The loss should be reduced to a small extent. In addition to the "safe" display method, they also installed an electronic goods anti-theft system.


 Bohang anti-theft in supermarket


3. Install the anti-theft mirror


For small supermarkets, the necessity of installing an electronic anti-theft system is small, and it can be protected by a widely used anti-theft mirror. The installation of anti-theft mirrors in foreign retail industry is very common, mainly using the reflection of the mirror to expand the salesperson's perspective. The scientifically designed anti-theft mirrors are generally installed in all corners of the supermarket, which allows the salesperson to conveniently monitor the large range of conditions in the supermarket, and then cooperate with the safe merchandise display and the salesperson's inspection, which can generally meet the anti-theft of small supermarkets. need.


4. Arrange the plainclothes security officer


Practice has shown that properly arranging plainclothes security personnel or "clothes detectives" is one of the most effective supermarket anti-theft routine measures for large and small supermarkets.


5. On-site warning


Some foreign retailers hired temporary professional thievesto be captured on the spot when they mutilate, thus playing the role of warning.

Bohang anti-theft in supermarket

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