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Correct purchase of clothing security eas system [Bohang]

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Correct purchase of clothing security eas system [Bohang]


Nowadays, various clothing security eas systems are being widely used in clothing stores, and there are more and more manufacturers of such clothing alarm devices. When clothing store owners want to buy anti-theft devices, there are many search companies on the Internet. The style and price of the products are different. In the face of numerous anti-theft products, we should carefully choose safe and reliable anti-theft products. The following disputes caused by the quality and malfunction of the clothing burglar alarm will not occur.


 clothing security eas system


At present, most of the clothing security eas systems are installed with sound and magnetic anti-theft devices. Because the radio frequency anti-theft devices are affected by the dry and soft effects, if the nearby stores have installed radio frequency anti-theft devices, the installation of radio frequency in their own stores will affect each other. It is easy to cause many false positives. Sound magnetic security doors have no such effect, even if a number of clothing stores are installed. When choosing a clothing security eas system, you should look at the seller's cooperation project. It is best to have big project experience. The seller's strength will not be found where it goes, and the after-sales aspect will be perfect. The most important thing for electronic equipment is to improve after the sale, otherwise it will not know where to repair.

clothing security eas system

Therefore, it is very important for clothing stores to correctly purchase clothing security eas system products. Once this happens many times, it will greatly affect the reputation and brand of the clothing store, and the customer's goodwill will also decline. Therefore, according to some understanding and consultation on anti-theft, try to understand several and compare, choose the clothing security door suitable for clothing stores.

clothing security EAS system

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