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Correct use of cosmetic eas retail soft label [Bohang China]

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Correct use of cosmetic eas retail soft label [Bohang China]


At present, many beauty stores have the trouble of stealing products. Especially when the store is engaged in activities, the staff can't serve every customer. Some thieves steal the skin care products and cosmetics from the store when there are many people. And the price of some goods is very high, for the beauty store is not a small loss. Mainly because these items are small and easy to carry, they are easily stolen. A large-scale cosmetics store will choose to install anti-theft devices, but there is a problem with eas retail soft label. Many businesses don't know how to use cosmetic eas retail soft label correctly. Today, Bohang China will tell you about it.


Bohang eas retail soft label

Cosmetics and skin care products with packaging can be attached to the outside of the package, attached to the bottom of the product, not easily seen to be torn off. The size of the cosmetics eas retail soft label is only 1*4 cm, which can basically satisfy most packaged cosmetics. However, if there is no packaging with a film, it can be directly attached to the inside of the packaging carton, which is more concealed and not found, and the anti-theft effect is also good. There is also a case where the unpacked sample is generally attached to the bottom, but some products cannot be pasted in a special shape. This situation can only be hacked by hand.


 Bohang eas retail soft label


Therefore, the anti-theft device of the cosmetics store should be constantly improved, and the eas retail soft label should be attached to the inner packaging of the cosmetic, which will not affect the aesthetics of the product, nor will it affect the use of the product, and effective anti-theft. However, it should be noted that the cosmetics anti-theft label can not be attached to the metal surface, which will affect the magnetic properties of the label itself, resulting in the anti-theft antenna not alarming.

Bohang eas retail soft label

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