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Correct use of supermarket and clothing store anti-theft eas security system

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Correct use of supermarket and clothing store anti-theft eas security system

       Everyone knows that supermarket and clothing store owners are most interested in the profits. Normal commodity costs, but the loss of stolen goods for supermarket and clothing store is also a problem. Once a long-term product has been stolen, it will cause a large loss to the supermarket, so the supermarket needs to protect the safety of every item in the supermarket. The emergence of supermarket access control is just to solve this problem, so that supermarkets are no longer worried about theft of goods.


1、Supermarket and clothing store security system and eas label use

     When the supermarket and clothing store security system is in use, it is necessary to use anti-theft eas tags on every item. When paying attention, the frequency of the eas anti-theft door and the eas label should be the same. Only when the goods with the label pass through the security door will alarm.


2、The eas security door automatically runs

     The supermarket and clothing store eas security system only needs to be debugged at the time of installation, and then no personnel management is required. If there is no large interference factor around the security door, there will be no major problems. Therefore, as long as the merchant tests the product before opening every day, and ensures that it is correct, it can be put into normal use.

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