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Could you ues the supermarket anti-theft alarm system correctly? [Bohang China]

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Could you ues the supermarket anti-theft alarm system correctly? [Bohang China]


Now with the development of science and technology, more and more large supermarkets and high-end supermarkets have installed supermarket anti-theft alarm system. Supermarket anti-theft alarm system can effectively prevent some valuables and stolen goods, and can be used for many psychological haunts. The person plays a deterrent role. After the installation, the security personnel will correctly use the supermarket anti-theft alarm system. 

However, after a long time, the staff will not perform the daily detection and routine maintenance of the alarm, and the standard will not be checked after the alarm occurs. Long time will affect the operation of the supermarket. Today, I will introduce you to the correct use of the supermarket anti-theft alarm system.


 Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system

1. It is necessary to carry out daily inspection of the supermarket anti-theft alarm system on the working day, so that you can know that the supermarket anti-theft alarm system is working normally. If you don't do the test, you don't know if the supermarket anti-theft alarm system can alarm normally. Maintenance role.


2. When the supermarket anti-theft alarm system affects the customer's false alarm, it must be checked immediately whether there is an anti-theft tag in the supermarket anti-theft alarm system attachment affecting normal work, do not wait for the maintenance personnel to come and say, as soon as possible, they can solve the problem as soon as possible, which can also reduce the The influence of customers ensures a good experience for customers.


Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system

3. To regularly check the alarm rate of supermarket anti-theft, some thieves go out without warning but because of the anti-theft tag, so it is necessary to regularly check the anti-theft tags on supermarket goods.

The normal use of supermarket anti-theft alarm system is very important for the management of supermarket anti-theft, which can reduce the economic loss of supermarkets and increase the customer experience.

Bohang supermarket anti-theft alarm system

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