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Daily considerations for EAS RF security gate [Bohang China]

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Daily considerations for EAS RF security gate [Bohang China]


With the rapid development of the society, clothing stores have begun to keep up with the trend of social development. They began to choose EAS RF security gate to protect the clothes of their stores. The shadow of the EAS RF security gate can be seen everywhere. The EAS RF security gate can effectively prevent some. Valuables and some pirated items have been stolen, and they can play a deafening role for many people who are lucky. So what are the daily considerations for EAS RF security gate? Here is a brief introduction for everyone:


 Bohang EAS RF security gate

1. First, the store should assign reliable employees to be responsible for the daily detection, use and maintenance of the EAS RF security gate. The power should be turned on before the opening of the business every day, and the performance of the device should be checked one by one, and then a certain record should be made. After the store is repaired at night, please Turn off the system power.


2. Do not place any metal decorations or festive lights on the EAS RF security gate to avoid interference with the normal operation of the system.


3. Do not place liquids or beverages on the electronic components of equipment such as detectors and decoders to prevent malfunctions such as short-circuiting of components and damage to components.


4. Do not climb, pull and collide on the detection antenna of the EAS RF security gate to prevent damage to the system structure and damage to the electronic circuit.


Bohang EAS RF security gate

5. The detection of the antenna, decoder, and professional power supply controller and other equipment parts of the casing can not be covered by its objective existence (such as plastic bags, boxes, etc.), so as not to hinder the heat dissipation of the electronic circuit.


6. Detectors, decoders, etc. are all precision electronic equipment. Avoid soaking or showering of water and steam. If it is wet by rain, please turn off the power immediately, stop using it and blow it dry with a blower or dry it naturally. Use again.


7. When the appearance of the antenna is clean, do not spray water directly or use detergent directly. Wring out the wet towel and gently scrub the appearance of the RF alarm.


8. Some confidentiality of the EAS RF security gate. Do not talk about any technical or usage problems of the system when the customer or other unrelated personnel are present.

Bohang EAS RF security gate

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