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Daily maintenance and preventive measures for supermarket or clothing anti-theft eas system

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Daily maintenance and preventive measures for supermarket or clothing anti-theft eas system


1. Stores should assign reliable staff to be responsible for the daily inspection, use and maintenance of supermarket anti-theft eas system and clothing anti-theft eas system. Start up before starting business every day, regularly test the performance of the equipment, make certain records, and turn off the system power after the day of business shutdown.

2. Do not place any metal decorations or holiday lights on the supermarket anti-theft eas system to avoid interference with the normal operation of the system.

3. Do not place liquids or beverages on the electronic components of the device, such as anti-theft devices, detachers, etc., to prevent liquid leakage caused by faults such as component short-circuit and component damage.

4. Do not climb, pull and collide on the eas detection antenna to avoid damaging the system structure and damaging the electronic circuit.

5. The eas detection antenna, the outer casing part of the decoder and the dedicated power controller cannot be covered by its objective lens (such as plastic bags, packaging boxes, etc.) to avoid obstructing the heat dissipation of the electronic circuit.

6, detectors, decoders, etc. are precision electronic equipment, should be waterproof or steam soak or shower, in case of rain, etc., please turn off the power immediately, stop using and remove the hair dryer naturally dry or cool. It can be used again later.

7. When the supermarket eas system is clean, do not spray water or detergent directly. Wipe the wet towel and dry it gently.

8, The eas anti-theft system is confidential, when the customer or other unrelated personnel are present, do not talk about the technology and use of the system.

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