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Decipher the difference between RF anti-theft eas system and AM anti-theft eas system [Bohang China]

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Decipher the difference between RF anti-theft eas system and AM anti-theft eas system [Bohang China]


When you are shopping in the mall, you will see a variety of anti-theft devices standing on the sides of the store. There are not only a variety of styles, but also different performance and principles. The most commonly used anti-theft devices on the market are RF anti-theft eas system and AM anti-theft eas system, so where are the differences? Let's take a closer look with Bohang China.


 Bohang anti-theft eas system

In fact, the fundamental difference between RF anti-theft and acoustic anti-theft is the different anti-theft technology.The AM anti-theft eas system uses the physical principle that the tuning fork will cause resonance only when the oscillation frequency is the same. When the acoustic magnetic alarm tag attached to the product enters the detection area of the system, resonance will occur, but only when receiving After receiving four consecutive resonance signals, the system will issue an alarm. This basic working principle has achieved high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false alarm, no metal foil shielding, good anti-interference and wide protection range. 

The advantages, and these advantages have a lot to do with his matching labels, the sound magnetic anti-theft system has two types of anti-theft tags, soft and hard tags. It protects most of the merchandise in the mall, and the soft labels are small in size and can be degaussed repeatedly. At the same time, its disadvantage is that it is expensive and not suitable for installation in some small supermarkets and clothing stores.


Bohang anti-theft eas system

The RF anti-theft eas system utilizes the principle of radio frequency, transmitting 7.5~8.5MHz FM signals from the transmitting antenna and generating a warning electric field between the transmitting antennas. If the electric field between the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna is disturbed, the interference source will generate a resonance trigger alarm with the electric field. 

The RF anti-theft system is currently the most widely used technology in electronic product anti-theft system products, and is highly welcomed by customers for its cost-effective and low-cost consumables. However, his shortcomings are much more than the acoustic magnetic anti-theft system, which not only has poor anti-theft performance, low anti-interference performance, but also a high false positive rate.

Bohang anti-theft eas system

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