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Difference between clothing EAS system and anti-theft system

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Difference between clothing EAS system and anti-theft system

Many clothing store owners have a doubt when they buy clothing alarms. They ask a few clothing alarm manufacturers and manufacturers to send different quotes, and the difference is quite big, some quotes are very low, some quotes are very high. Although I know that I have a price for a layman, I still don’t know what their essential difference is. It’s often that the anti-theft device is not very understandable, so many bosses are very confused when they purchase. I don’t know myself. The price of the anti-theft device. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to the differences between them and how to choose the anti-theft device that suits your own clothing.


1. A set of clothing alarms with a price below 3,500 yuan (including 2 antennas, decoders, anti-theft consumables)

This kind of alarms often appear in Taobao and Alibaba, especially Taobao. The price of clothing anti-theft devices on Taobao is usually low and scary. Most of the prices are between 1500-3500, not The price of one product, the quality of such products is relatively general, because the problems of technology and materials can not be used for a long time. There may be no problem in the beginning of use, and the sensitivity is not bad, and there is no problem of false positives. However, after half a year, some problems will occur due to false positives, no reports, and vocalizations. Moreover, they usually do not provide on-site installation and maintenance services, and can only provide the board for repair and repair. However, the installation of the clothing alarm must be on-site to investigate and eliminate the interference factors in order to make the alarm in the most recent state.

This type of price clothing anti-theft device, if you purchase anti-theft device just to shock some of the thief's awareness and use is not long-term, then you can consider the choice of such products, the purchase of the choice of easy to install, good-looking products.

2. The clothing alarm door with a price of 4000-10000

This kind of clothing security door belonging to the mid-end and mid-to-high end price is usually found on the websites of major anti-theft devices and Alibaba. The price is high or low. The quality of the mid-range anti-theft device is guaranteed. The material is usually made of ABS high-strength plastic and stainless steel base. The technology of the anti-theft motherboard is also very stable, and the impact is less affected. The high-end anti-theft device is more expensive. It usually uses acrylic transparent material and stainless steel base. The technical performance of the anti-theft motherboard is high-end and stable. The material and design of the transformer are more suitable for the main board. The merchant usually has the service of installation and site survey design. If you want to install it yourself, and the best thing is that they usually have a warranty period of one or two years, and some even have a warranty of 5 years.

In fact, when the business introduces these, most of the technical terms are often not understood by the boss. If you explain it, you may not understand it. Therefore, you should pay attention not to spend high prices but buy low-priced products when you purchase. You can ask the merchants more. Ask them what advantages and differences are there in their products. If you look at the website and the products are more professional, you can ask for professional points. You can look at the comparison of Nanjing Bohang Electronics and Yi Tejia.

If you purchase clothing alarms for the purpose of anti-theft and long-term use, stable performance and anti-theft function, then it is best to choose products of this price, cost-effective, good pre-sales and after-sales service, can guarantee the normal use of the anti-theft device .

3, a clothing alarm with a price above 10,000

The price is so high, of course, it is a high-end product. Generally, high-end and mid-end business websites also provide high-end anti-theft devices, but the types are often less, mainly imported anti-theft devices, high-performance acrylic antennas and hidden buried antennas. . The imported anti-theft antenna is the first US-based company, the merchants are generally agents, so the price depends on your needs, the quality is sure to rest assured, after all, the international brand. High-performance, high-service acrylic and buried antennas are mostly used in high-end clothing and clothing stores. First of all, the appearance of such acrylic anti-theft devices is very beautiful. The buried antennas are completely buried in the ground and cannot be seen, which does not affect the style and positioning of the store. The quality is very good, you don't have to pay the first time, and the after-sales is also very secure.

If the store is a high-end type of store and the budget is sufficient, you can choose this type of product, but the general store should not choose well, there is no need to spend more.


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