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Disadvantages of AM anti-theft security gate [Bohang China]

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Disadvantages of AM anti-theft security gate [Bohang China]


With the continuous development of the society, there are many types of anti-theft devices, which have been continuously developing and contributing, and have contributed a lot of power to the country. However, due to the inconsistency of quality, there are also large differences in the anti-theft eas alarm effect. As the saying goes: "All things in the world are not perfect." Today, I will tell you about the shortcomings of the AM anti-theft security gate.


 AM anti-theft security gate Bohang


1. The price of the AM anti-theft security gate is slightly more expensive

The shortcoming of the AM anti-theft security gate is that it is more expensive in price, usually the price is above 3000, but the performance of the AM anti-theft security gate is relatively stable, and the cost performance is relatively high. Generally, small supermarkets and clothing stores can choose sound magnetic alarms with a slightly lower price. Large supermarkets and clothing stores can choose acoustic magnetic alarms with slightly higher price of acrylic antennas. Those high-end goods stores can choose to covertly The AM anti-theft security gate of the buried antenna, because it is buried underground, is completely invisible, and therefore does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the store.


 AM anti-theft security gate Bohang


2. Replacement is more troublesome

The disadvantage of the acoustic magnetic alarm is that it is more troublesome to replace. If the previous merchant used a rf anti-theft security gate, then it would be more troublesome if you want to replace it with an AM anti-theft security gate. Because all the anti-theft tags need to be replaced, the RF anti-theft tag and the acoustic magnetic anti-theft tag are completely different, so all the tags need to be replaced when the antenna is replaced, which also increases the cost.


Whether it is a radio frequency anti-theft device or an AM anti-theft security gate, there will be their own advantages and disadvantages, but it is a process of continuous improvement. When the merchant chooses the anti-theft device, it is also necessary to remind everyone to find a reliable manufacturer to buy, and there will be protection after the sale, and some merchants will increase the price casually, so to find a reliable business, there is a price for one point. According to the actual situation of your store, choose the right product.

AM anti-theft security gate Bohang

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