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Do all the items in the supermarket need to use eas tags to guard against theft?

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Do all the items in the supermarket need to use eas tags to guard against theft?


In order to ensure the safety of goods in supermarkets and prevent thieves from taking advantage of them, more and more business owners install anti-theft eas system to their supermarkets. Although business owners know how to install supermarket eas alarm to prevent theft, but most of the owners are still relatively unfamiliar. Today, I got a call from a consultant. He asked us if all the goods in the supermarket should be labeled with anti-theft eas tags. If all the goods are labeled with anti-theft eas tags one by one, it is a waste of money. 

In fact, we want to tell you that the supermarket does not need all the goods are affixed with anti-theft eas tags, just need to affix a eas tag or label on some goods, such as some easily stolen goods, or more valuable items.

1. Some high-value items can be used anti-theft eas hard tag, anti-theft hard tag can be reused, and the eas hard tag has strong endurance, long service life, the cost relatively small, and the anti-theft effect is also excellent.

2. Some small size, cosmetics, chewing gum and other goods, inconvenient to add anti-theft eas hard tag can be used anti-theft eas soft label, it is easy to hide, so long-term consideration of this kind of goods is necessary to stick anti-theft eas soft label.

3. Fragile goods in supermarkets can not be tipped with eas hard labels,  so you can use a specific anti-theft protection box, can also be used for a long time, but the cost is a bit high.

4. Supermarket products such as knitting, sundry goods, leather goods, shoes and hats, considering the use of general anti-theft hard tags and eas soft labels easy to damage the goods, the general choice of such goods with eas hard tags. Reusable, long life, relying on professional release can be untied, can play a very good anti-theft role.

5. For the high-grade liquor, beverage and bottled valuables in supermarkets, we usually use a rope ring similar to the bottle mouth, commonly known as the eas bottle neck tag, which can also be reused to control the cost.

6. Milk powder, coffee and other canned valuable products maintenance, you need to use the milk powder eas tag, in the cashier with special equipment can be opened, can be reused.

There are many kinds of anti-theft tags in supermarket, I believe that after reading the small edition of these you will know which items need to be used. More supermarket merchandise security problems can consult our online customer service.

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