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Do you know factors affecting the quality of EAS sensor tag [BOAHNG]

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Do you know factors affecting the quality of EAS sensor tag [BOAHNG]

On the last article,Our BOAHNG electronics teach every some knowledge of the factors affecting the quality of EAS sensor tag.We mainly talk about the influencing factors of raw materials.These are the most basic factors affecting prices,besides these obvious factor,there are other some factors we can see by our eyes.Like supplier’s service attitude and service capability and so on.So as the old saying goes“You get what you pay for”,price and quality are directly proportional.At our seminar last week, we also discussed other influencing factors for EAS sensor tags. In addition to the ones mentioned in the previous article, we BOAHNG electronics will explain some other factors today.It is convenient for everyone to be able to do when you choose EAS sensor tags.

Bohang EAS sensor tag

We know RF EAS sensor tags,the most important factor is coil,there is a Q value  reflects quality,the pure copper is 150-180,the lower the quality factor value, the narrower the detection range.We know the thicker the coil, the better the anti-theft effect you get,the pure copper has best quality.Other raw materials are copper clad aluminum or pure aluminum. Pure aluminum is very brittle and it is easy to break in winter, so the quality is not guaranteed.For the AM EAS sensor tags,the most important factor is ferrite,the thicker and longer the ferrite, the more obvious the anti-theft effect.Nowadays, the tag pins basically have grooves, which makes it very easy to buckle the EAS sensor tags.

Another very important but very easy to ignore factor is glue,if there is no glue filled in the EAS sensor tag, the steel ball inside the EAS sensor tag will easily shake, which will affect the quality of the EAS sensor tags.The cost of the glue itself is not high, but the glue is a physical activity, the cost of manpower and material resources is relatively high, and the current social labor cost has been very high, which is one of the main factors affecting all products prices.

Bohang EAS sensor tag

After two days of explanation, I believe that the factors affecting the quality of the EAS sensor tags are very clear to everyone. When you want to purchase, refer to what BOHANG electronics have said, you will definitely buy suitable for your own EAS sensor tags. If your budget is sufficient, it is recommended to purchase good quality EAS sensor tags,because it can use for a long time, it has wide detection range and it has good anti-theft effect.

Bohang EAS sensor tag

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